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The videos below are a true MRI of the diamonds with full transparency at 11 - 15 power as you’re looping it with a microscope. Other websites do not show inclusions with full transparency and education.

4984 Diamonds

Shape Size Cut Color Clarity Fluorescence Depth Table Measurement Lab Polish Symmetry Stock No.
Princess 0.30 N/A I SI1 None (N) 74.5 72 3.69x3.60x2.69 GIA Excellent Very Good E38688-04
Princess 0.33 N/A E I1 None (N) 70.0 72 4.02x3.87x2.71 GIA Excellent Very Good E38566-03
Princess 0.30 N/A H SI1 None (N) 73.5 73 3.62x3.62x2.66 GIA Excellent Very Good E38688-05
Round 0.32 Very Good J SI2 None (N) 60.7 59 4.42x4.43x2.69 GIA Very Good Very Good E37911-02A
Marquise 0.44 N/A H I1 Faint (F) 65.4 49 8.18x3.80x2.48 GIA Very Good Good E38437-08
Princess 0.32 N/A G SI2 None (N) 74.5 71 3.80x3.68x2.74 GIA Excellent Very Good E38497-06
Round 0.30 Very Good J VS2 None (N) 58.8 62 4.37x4.38x2.57 GIA Very Good Very Good E37866-06
Round 0.34 Very Good J SI2 Medium (M) 62.1 59 4.41x4.43x2.75 GIA Very Good Very Good E37911-03A
Pear 0.30 N/A D SI2 Faint (F) 62.5 59 6.14x3.60x2.25 GIA Very Good Very Good E38688-03
Oval 0.41 N/A J SI1 Strong (S) 63.1 59 5.41x4.25x2.68 GIA Good Good E38584-01
Round 0.31 Excellent I SI2 None (N) 60.6 59 4.39x4.41x2.66 GIA Excellent Excellent E38491-05
Round 0.37 Very Good J SI2 Medium (M) 60.8 62 4.61x4.65x2.81 GIA Very Good Very Good E37866-02
Round 0.30 Very Good H SI2 Medium (M) 64.2 56 4.21x4.26x2.72 GIA Very Good Good E38491-13
Round 0.30 Very Good I VS2 None (N) 59.9 62 4.37x4.40x2.63 GIA Very Good Good E37911-01A
Round 0.33 Excellent I SI2 Medium (M) 62.8 57 4.39x4.42x2.76 GIA Excellent Excellent E37616-02
Round 0.31 Very Good I VS2 None (N) 60.0 62 4.38x4.44x2.65 GIA Very Good Good E37866-01
Round 0.33 Excellent I SI2 None (N) 62.6 57 4.36x4.41x2.74 GIA Very Good Excellent E37600
Oval 0.41 N/A J VS2 Strong (S) 59.6 60 6.01x4.18x2.49 GIA Excellent Very Good E38703-02
Round 0.30 Excellent H SI2 Medium (M) 59.6 60 4.37x4.40x2.61 GIA Excellent Excellent E37616-01
Round 0.31 Very Good I VS1 None (N) 60.7 64 4.34x4.39x2.65 GIA Good Good E37866-05
Round 0.32 Excellent H SI2 Medium (M) 62.6 58 4.36x4.39x2.74 GIA Excellent Excellent E38491-14
Round 0.31 Very Good F SI2 None (N) 59.2 59 4.41x4.45x2.62 GIA Very Good Very Good E38101
Round 0.33 Excellent G SI2 Faint (F) 62.7 56 4.42x4.44x2.78 GIA Excellent Excellent E38491-09
Round 0.39 Very Good E I1 None (N) 60.9 60 4.69x4.73x2.87 GIA Very Good Very Good E38093-03
Oval 0.41 N/A I SI1 None (N) 58.6 60 6.59x4.16x2.44 GIA Excellent Very Good E38566-02
Round 0.40 Very Good K SI1 Medium (M) 60.1 59 4.75x4.78x2.87 GIA Excellent Good E38491-12
Radiant 0.50 N/A D SI3 None (N) 63.4 68 5.06x4.37x2.77 EGLUSA Good Fair E32929-05
Round 0.44 Excellent K SI1 Faint (F) 62.5 56 4.85x4.87x3.04 GIA Excellent Excellent E38725-02
Pear 0.43 N/A F SI2 Strong (S) 62.2 58 6.74x4.14x2.57 GIA Very Good Very Good E38163-02
Oval 0.41 N/A H SI1 None (N) 70.6 53 5.78x4.00x2.82 GIA Very Good Good E38556
Round 0.40 Very Good J SI1 None (N) 63.5 56 4.62x4.67x2.95 GIA Very Good Very Good E38491-11
Round 0.42 Excellent J SI2 Faint (F) 62.3 57 4.78x4.79x2.98 GIA Excellent Excellent E38680-40
Round 0.46 Very Good G I1 None (N) 64.4 58 4.78x4.83x3.09 GIA Excellent Very Good E38530-04
Round 0.41 Excellent J SI2 Faint (F) 60.7 57 4.81x4.83x2.93 GIA Very Good Excellent E38680-41
Oval 0.50 N/A K SI1 Strong (S) 58.8 61 6.11x4.63x2.72 GIA Excellent Good E38001-01
Radiant 0.50 N/A G SI2 None (N) 72.1 58 4.95x3.83x2.76 EGLUSA Good Excellent E25059-01A
Round 0.40 Excellent I SI2 Medium (M) 61.7 60 4.71x4.75x2.92 GIA Excellent Very Good E38680-37
Round 0.50 N/A K I1 Strong (S) 56.9 58 5.23x5.19x2.97 GIA Very Good Very Good E37520-09
Princess 0.42 N/A I VS1 None (N) 69.1 73 4.39x4.21x2.91 GIA Excellent Very Good E38530-07
Round 0.41 Excellent J SI1 Faint (F) 59.5 60 4.86x4.89x2.90 GIA Excellent Excellent E38680-39
Round 0.40 Very Good I SI2 Faint (F) 62.7 55 4.64x4.67x2.92 GIA Excellent Very Good E38680-38
Round 0.40 Excellent I SI2 Faint (F) 61.1 58 4.71x4.73x2.89 GIA Very Good Very Good E38680-36
Princess 0.40 N/A H VS2 None (N) 74.0 70 4.14x3.95x2.92 GIA Excellent Very Good E38688-08
Pear 0.40 N/A D SI1 Medium (M) 58.0 62 6.39x4.11x2.39 GIA Excellent Very Good E38688-10
Round 0.40 Excellent I SI2 Faint (F) 63.2 55 4.68x4.70x2.97 GIA Excellent Very Good E38680-33
Round 0.40 Excellent I SI2 Faint (F) 59.4 60 4.79x4.80x2.85 GIA Very Good Excellent E38680-34
Round 0.50 Excellent K I1 None (N) 61.7 58 5.10x5.13x3.15 GIA Excellent Excellent E37734-01
Oval 0.34 N/A D VS1 None (N) 60.6 53 5.51x3.76x2.28 GIA Good Good E38669-05
Round 0.50 Excellent K I1 Medium (M) 62.7 56 5.05x5.06x3.17 GIA Excellent Very Good E37514-10
Round 0.40 Excellent I SI2 Faint (F) 61.5 57 4.74x4.76x2.92 GIA Very Good Excellent E38680-35